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The largest programming conference in Poland

Cracow, April 26th

Wroclaw, May 23rd

Warsaw, May 25th

Code EuropeCode Europe

Code Europe main themes

We want the agenda of Code Europe to meet your expectations. Check subjects for spring 2017 conference, chosen on the basis of those the most attractive for I edition attendees. Full agenda available soon.



Are you one of the specialists in the following areas: JavaScript, Java, PHP? Take part in Code Europe spring 2017 and find out the ECMAScript future, technologies created at the Java platform and also how to secure your code.



If Android, iOS or Swift are among your interests, take part in our event. Discover the secrets of non-standard and hybrid apps, application of IoT or TDD/BDD methodology.

Big Data

Big Data

Do you deal with analytics, databases or administration? Those subjects are already included in this year’s agenda. Get ready for a dose of knowledge about the data analysis in machine learning, data resource management or DevOps.

Speakers at Code Europe 2017

Check the technologies mentored by the specialists whom you can meet at Code Europe. Some of this year’s keynote speakers are:

Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann

HTML5/Open Web Evangelist @ Microsoft

Application architectureDev Ops
Lauren Tan

Lauren Tan

Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix

Thomas Steiner

Thomas Steiner

Solutions Engineer @ Google

Mārtiņš Kalvāns

Mārtiņš Kalvāns

Data Engineer @ Spotify

Big dataBackendcloud computing

Code Europe 2017 in numbers







Join leaders of the IT industry

Javascipt, DevOps, PHP, Backend, Application architecture

Mobile, Security, .NET, ReactJS, iOS

Big Data, Mobile, IOT, Artificial Inteligence, C/C++

Backend, Frontend, Security. Java, C/C++

GameDev, .NET, DevOps, Virtual Reality, Application Architecture

IOT, Android, C#, C/C++, Java

iOS, Linux, Mobile, Backend, Frontend

C/C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Python

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