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Code Europe stands out
thanks to its excellent speakers
that are selected among
world-class specialists as well as
creators and users of pioneer
technological solutions.


Thanks to them, the conference
program is of the highest
substantive level and participation
in the event is obligatory for every
enthusiast of the IT industry.


Code Europe is the largest programming conference in Poland, returning in September 2021 along with 6 unique tracks.

The uniqueness  of presentations at Code Europe

Lectures are the most important part of our conference, which is why we care about them being created based on 4 key criteria:

High substantive level
Consistency of the presentation's content and the main topics of the conference
Specific form
Specified time of the lecture

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Common dinner with other speakers

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I'm still living @code_europe in Poznań. Why this conference was so unique? Because participants stays to last speeches, that's why. Talking to the full-house is always a pleasure. 

Michał Łukaszewski

Intel AI

Did not expect to be in such an enormous room at @code_europe – such an honour to speak to so many people!

Ryan Townsend

ShiftCommerce CTO

Be the part of the largest programming conference in Poland and apply until June 30, 2021

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